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Get Michael Amini Furniture to Express Your Glamour

When you want to live large on a budget, Michael Amini furniture, from a designer to the stars, has just the pieces and sets you seek. Tired of humdrum in your home decor? Break out affordably thanks to Michael Amini furniture’s awesome styling AND economy! You won’t have to give up a king’s ransom to live like a king thanks to the amazing Michael Amini furniture deals you’ll find every day at American Furniture Galleries!

The Coolest Michael Amini Living Room Furniture

Live large with Michael Amini living room furniture schooling your guests in your fantastic taste! Check out this brand’s amazing L-shaped sectional sporting enough design details to make this furniture a conversation piece as well as the ideal place to chill over drinks and conversation. For added glamour, consider a Michael Amini Palace Gates tempered-glass cocktail table.

Entertain Grandly on Michael Amini Dining Room Furniture

When Michael Amini dining room furniture is made, there’s no cutting corners. Everything is first-rate, perfect for showing off your amazing culinary skills to a happy party of family and friends. Nothing is outsourced! Check out one of our top-selling Michael Amini dining sets at American Furniture Galleries. This exquisite 7-piece dining set takes its inspiration from the clean lines and cocktail chic of midcentury Scandinavian design. It comes from the Kathy Ireland collection. This set’s stately dining chairs come with gray polyester cushion that are a breeze to maintain!

Intriguing Michael Amini Bedroom Furniture

When you want to luxuriate as you wind down to sleep, Michael Amini bedroom furniture sets are like something out of a movie classic! Choose styles ranging from modern glam to hints of Amini’s Iranian heritage. One of our favorite Michael Amini queen upholstered beds from the Jane Seymour collection. When the English TV star wanted something to express both high fashion and her own whimsy, she knew who to turn to! This magnificent Michael Amini bed sports art-deco details right out of the silver screen, plus many mirrors and even vinyl stamped with a realistic alligator pattern!

Show YOUR exotic side with chic Michael Amini furniture available for less from our Sacramento, CA store!