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Advanced Simmons Mattress Solutions at Accessible Prices!

If you’ve been having trouble staying asleep at night, check out Simmons mattresses for a scientifically perfected yet economical solution. There are good reasons this brand is one of those synonymous with mattresses. Its labs are ever improving its products’ coils and foam for vital performance factors such as deep firmness for support as well as surface softness and motion minimization. That means you and a partner get the smoothest night ride you can buy. Wake up refreshed for the new day’s challenges. After you’ve spent the night on a state-of-the-art Simmons mattress, you’ll be ready for anything! Yet these refined sleep solutions are well within your budget. When you come to American Furniture Galleries, you can rest assured you’re getting the best price break in the Central Valley.

Supportive Simmons BeautySleep Mattresses

With the extraordinary Simmons BeautySleep mattresses, this top brand has taken support to a whole new level. If other mattresses have let you down, this one delivers! Among our store’s best sellers, Simmons queen mattresses in this lab-proven collection have gotten us lots of compliments and recommendations. Once you lie on one, you’ll feel why. Deep in this Simmons mattress’ core, 725 perfectly calibrated steel coils are density-wrapped to take over your resting body’s support from your overworked muscles. This support is consistent throughout the mattress. That means even if you sleep on your side, one of the most problematic issues for mattress buyers, you too can have your 7-9 hours of required sleep for optimal performance the next day and long-term health. Plus you feel the softness of AirFeel and AirCool foams, making these Simmons mattresses a phenomenal experience.

Cooling Simmons BeautyRest Mattresses

If you’re tired of waking up overheated, Simmons BeautyRest mattresses are here to save your nights from sleeplessness. The brand’s best-known name, Simmons BeautyRest uses Dualcool Plus material to solve this problem. Better still, Dynamic Response memory foam achieves that perfect balance of softness and support, with just the right amount of “give” to shape itself to fit your body’s contours. Underneath, 900 pocketed coils do the hard work of holding your body so you can recharge overnight.

All of this supportive Simmons mattress excellence is available daily at our Folsom, CA store for a fraction of what you would normally pay!